Cloudflare Unveils AI Gateway: A Unified Interface for Managing and Scaling Generative AI Workloads

Cloudflare's AI Gateway has officially moved from beta to General Availability, providing a unified interface for managing and scaling generative AI workloads. This robust AI ops platform offers key features like analytics, real-time logs, caching, and rate limiting, enhancing performance, security, reliability, and observability for AI applications.


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5/26/20242 min read

In a significant development for the AI community, Cloudflare has announced that AI Gateway has moved from beta to General Availability. First introduced in beta during Birthday Week in September 2023, AI Gateway has since processed over 500 million requests and is now ready for full production use.

AI Gateway: A Comprehensive AI Ops Platform

AI Gateway, part of Cloudflare's suite of AI tools, serves as a robust platform designed to manage and scale generative AI workloads. Functioning as a proxy, it seamlessly connects your service with various inference providers, regardless of where your models operate. With just a single line of code, users can access features that enhance performance, security, reliability, and observability. This platform is envisioned as the central control plane for AI operations, with a roadmap filled with upcoming enhancements aimed at maximizing the potential of AI workloads.

Why Choose AI Gateway?

The rapidly evolving AI landscape introduces new models, providers, and frameworks almost daily, making it challenging to maintain consistency. AI Gateway addresses this by offering a single, reliable control plane for all models and tools, even as they evolve. Developers and organizations seeking greater observability, control, and tooling for AI operations will find AI Gateway particularly beneficial, as it fills gaps often left by AI providers who focus primarily on model development.

Cloudflare, a leader in performance, reliability, and security for over a decade, leverages its global network expertise to enhance AI Gateway. This experience makes Cloudflare a natural fit for offering observability, reliability, and control for AI applications with minimal changes to existing code.

Key Features Available Today

Currently, AI Gateway includes several foundational features:

  • Analytics: Aggregate metrics from multiple providers, including traffic patterns, requests, tokens, and costs.

  • Real-time Logs: Insight into requests and errors.

  • Caching: Custom caching rules to save costs and reduce latency.

  • Rate Limiting: Control application scaling to manage costs and prevent abuse.

  • Support for Popular Providers: Native support for Workers AI and other leading providers like Groq and Cohere.

  • Universal Endpoint: Define request fallbacks to enhance resilience.

Future Developments

Future plans for AI Gateway include persistent logs, custom metadata, and other features aimed at enhancing the platform’s capabilities. Cloudflare envisions a comprehensive AI suite where users can start with basic setups and gradually adopt more advanced workflows, all within Cloudflare's ecosystem.

Getting Started

AI Gateway is now available for use on all plans, with core features offered for free. Detailed developer documentation is available to help users get started. Future premium features, such as persistent logging and secrets management, will be available for a fee. For questions, users can join the discussion on Cloudflare’s Discord channel.

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